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Revolving Dollar Washington

Team: Rev
Location: Stanford
Project Overview: Creating a network of congress and associated lobbyists, with connections based on amount of money and/or history of relationship.
Should elucidate the revolving door of washington, based on previous relationships.

-On top of basic profile pages of the network, graphs will show how much money is needed to swing a congresspersons vote.
-A questionnaire for the user will link the user to the most relevant bills, government officials or related lobbyists/sectors.  Could encourage actionable meetups, shares or votes targeted to the user, by issues they have chosen as important.

-Focus for today is on issues of tax reform, banking and other $ specific issues.
-Environmental Bills

Prize: Best.
Existing Code or Libraries:
-FEC Filings



Kyle Mulroe
Bill Tang Coder
Alison Flint Data Scientist
Bob Poekert Data Scientist
Andreas Gros Data Engineer
Ying Lei Data / Coder
Carlos Vinueza Engineer
Gowri Potharaju GeoSpatial
Keith Stevens Data Engineer
Lydia Randall
Tom Cronin
Debbie Anyu Lai
Arlene Davis