Projects can be on any topic (campaign finance, lobbying, tax and immigration reform, etc) as long they are within the theme of money's influence in politics. Projects can also examine data on any levels: federal, state or local. You can choose teammates at Columbia, Stanford or anywhere else. Online collaboration is a wonderful way to aggregate and leverage expertise.

Please check out this list of well-defined and sourced project ideas from Cathy O'Neil and Lee Drutman. Also, Brian Root at the Human Rights Watch has submitted detailed immigration-focused ideas - please see them here.

Once you are ready, please create a page for your project. It's a simple process. First, join this wiki (see the menu on the left). Once you are a member, c
lick on "Sign In" at the bottom of a page. You will see New Page and Edit icons in the upper right corner of a page. Click on the New Page icon. When prompted to select a location for your page, place it under Projects page. Save it. Then return to this page and add a link below to your project's page. 

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